The Hospitality Industry Essay

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In the Hospitality Industry today, the motives for travel varies amongst many and may include but is not limited to education, war and peace, spirituality as well as bonding and socializing. (Abacus International, 2006). The groups that participate in these activities are referred to as the SMERFs. The term SMERF can be defined as an acronym that comprises of the Social, Military, Educational, Religious and Fraternal groups, otherwise known as the stabilizing segment of the Hospitality Industry’s group travel market. Even though these groups are all very different, they are all categorized as one unit as they all play a vital role in satisfying group business on dates that are usually not booked by large associations or corporations. To capture this business many hotels have sales personnel designated to specifically target these particular groups.
During the time of economic downturn, it had been suspected by many that suppliers would turn their backs on SMERFs and go back to corporative business. Regardless of the fact that some higher end suppliers have changed their attention to corporate business, it appears that this is not the case with many other suppliers. SMERF still remains a valuable asset for the industry. According to, “This meetings market means big business” as it continues to contribute both directly and indirectly to the substantial revenue earnings of the industry. (Gloudeman, 2013). SMERF groups can easily be identified by their common…

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