The Hong Kong Protests : An Example Of Cultural Violence Essay

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The Hong Kong protests, also known as the Umbrella Revolution, began in September 2014 when activists in Hong Kong started to protest outside the Hong Kong Government headquarters and in several major city intersections, mainly due to NPCSC’s decision of disallowing civil nominations in future elections.
It has become a stunning peaceful civil disobedience movement, able to bring together thousands of protesters. Although some violent outbreaks have happened, this conflict should be mostly understood as an example of Cultural Violence (Galtung, 1969: 196). The conflict attitudes (Mitchell, 1981: FALTA PAG) have been germinating over the past 17 years of Chinese control, that has lead to a lost of democracy, though not to a feeling of belonging (Brown, 2014).
In this situation, Hong Kong citizens have organized themselves, mainly through social media, and are carrying out a powerful movement of protests, hoping that this conflict will be a source of development (Galtung, 2000: 10) for a real democracy. This essay argues, using the current Hong Kong protests as a basis, that the use of social media has brought a fundamental change to the use of media in conflicts. Relying on Galtung’s positive peace theory and the Peace Journalism Model in his Transcend Method, the aim of this paper is to show that in societies where positive peace (Galtung, 1967: 17) is missing, social media can become a completely renovated mechanism from traditional media.
2. The use of social media

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