Human Extermination In The Holocaust

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Human Extermination

Babies thrown into ovens alive, people dying at your side, rat and lice infestations, with the scent of human flesh burning in the air. Anyone that the Germans saw as inferior fell victim to these conditions. These people victimized only for their race, religion and even sexual orientation. Labor, death, and concentration camps, inhumanly conditioned areas that people lived in, and were abused mentally and physically. Haunting memories and the little value was placed on human life during the Holocaust will permanently remain in the minds of the survivors. The holocaust was a mass murder of many groups, who were also abused and tortured, and the survivors will never forget their experience. The holocaust claimed the lives of 6 million Jews and 5 million others persecuted by the Nazis. The Nazis had plenty of lists, some including homosexuals, communists, several religious groups, and the disabled. Among the ideologically persecuted are the Homosexuals. An estimated 55,000 were executed 100,000 of these men sent to concentration camps. (Drelich) The Roma were targeted due to their “racial inferiority”. It is believed that 25 percent of all European Roma were killed by the Nazis. Approximately 1,900 Jehovah 's Witnesses were murdered. Some of the Slavic people (Poles, Russians, and others) were also killed. However, the
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Victims were constantly humiliated by the SS who often made their job seem to be to just torture their enemy. Jews and non-jewish victims lived in terrible conditions that often led to disease and death. Many different groups of people were targeted by the Nazis for not fitting to society’s standards. The holocaust was a historically unforgettable mass murder many groups. Victims were abused, tortured, humiliated, and forced to live in inhumane conditions. Although a very dark part of history, the Holocaust and it’s victims should never be

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