Holocaust Informative Speech

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Thank you Roger. This year marks the 70th year of the Holocaust. One of the most horrifying events in history, the Holocaust was the systematic killing of millions with the most predominant victims being the Jewish people. Starting before World War One in 1933, the Holocaust was based on a hatred for the Jews that was in ground in Germany that was fueled even more by the Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler.
In the years before the Nazi party came to power Germany was in turmoil coming off of a loss in World War One and was crushed by reparations they had to pay for the war. Germany wasn’t able to keep up with the billions of dollars they were being forced to give up so they started printing more money than they had backed by gold causing inflation
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He had a system that described different types of people and their likeliness to apes with the “Aryan” type being at the top. The Jews were viewed as sub humans on the chart.
The Jewish people, who have been persecuted since the beginning of recorded history, were used as a scapegoat for the hardships Germany had faced in World War One. With a large number of Communists being Jewish and with a lot of bank owners in Germany being Jewish, the Nazi party claimed outlandish stories that the Jews not only wanted to destroy Germany but the whole world as well. The only solution, of course, was to eradicate the entire Jewish race and with the Jewish being established as sub human, there was no reason not to.
The first step in committing genocide is to identify the targeted group. The German’s did this by making all the German people go and prove to an official that they had no Jewish ancestors. Jews were given noticable cloth stars of David that had to visible at all times. Soon after they were identified the Jewish people were put in designated parts of cities called ghettos. The Jewish people didn’t put up much of a fight because they hadn’t even dreamed of the atrocities that would soon happen to
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After taking advantage of the League of Nation’s unenforced policies the Germans did something that finally got the League 's attention by invading Poland. War would soon blow out of control, taking other countries eyes off of the Holocaust that would soon take a turn for the extreme.
Under the cover of war, the Nazis got their plan of exterminating the Jewish people underway by starting to build death camps. The Jews, although the main group of people targeted, were not the only group of people to be put in these camps. These camps were built specifically for killing thousands of people in a very short amount of time. The first method of mass killing was mass shootings but proving ineffective, gassing would soon take hold as the most used method of killing.
Brutal experiments would take place on the people in the camps. Nazi doctors would skip testing chemicals and other things on animals and other non human test subjects and would go straight to the people in the camps to experiment on. Experiments on hypothermia, infectious diseases, sterilization, interrogation methods, and the testing of unregulated and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs were conducted on the people in the

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