The Holocaust Of World War II Essay

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The Holocaust began in 1933, during the time of World War II; this event occurred during the ruling of Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust was an effect of anti-Semitism; which was one of the main reasons that the Holocaust was such a large genocide. Many Jews were afraid to leave their house during the period of the Holocaust. Anne Frank was a Jew whose family was impacted by the war. Although any example of genocide is very serious, the Holocaust is one of the largest known types of genocide, with approximately six million Jews killed. Holocaust is a Greek word with the meaning “sacrifice by fire.” The Holocaust era lasted from the year 1933 to1945. This genocide was inflicted by the Nazi regime all throughout Europe. The population of Jews in Europe, before the occurrence of the Holocaust, was around 9 million. The Holocaust was known as the “final solution.” The Nazis not only persecuted Jews but anyone that did not match that of the normal. Concentration camps were started at the beginning of the Holocaust; these kinds of camps were used for a variety amount of things, such as forced-labor camps (“Introduction to the Holocaust”). Anti-Semitism was one of the main reasons for the Holocaust, although it was not the only reason. Adolf Hitler believed that Jews were a lesser race, and that they should be eliminated. Anti-Semitism did not start with Hitler, but he did come up with the “final solution” ("Holocaust | The Reasons for the Holocaust"). At the beginning of the war, in…

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