The Holiness Of God Book Analysis

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Book Analysis Three: The Holiness of God
Young Hoon (John) Kim
The first chapter of the book emphasizes God as the Creator. “How we understand the person and character of God the Father affects every aspect of our lives” (13). In other words, if people do not accept God as the Creator, it will affect whole Christianity and people’s belief. Along with the acceptance of God as a Creator, the author, also, emphasizes the understanding of the holiness of
In the second chapter of the book, the author distinguishes the difference of a word “Lord” that starts with capital letter then finishes lowercase letters and all capital letters. According to the book, the word “Lord” with lowercase can be found the Hebrew word adonai, which means “sovereign
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In other words, their main goal is to become holy. However, since they were far from being holy, Jesus called them hypocrites.
In chapter five, the author talks about why Martin Luther said, “Sometimes Christ seems to me nothing more than an angry judge who comes to me with a sword in His hand” (75). Sproul suggests a few possibilities. First of all, according to the book, the fear of violent death as an expression of divine judgment and punishment haunted Luther” (77). Second, Luther’s chronic stomach problems have been linked to a psychosomatic problem. Third, Luther’s books were burned in Rome, after debate with the Pope Leo. Though he was under the pressure of popes and councils, he stood up to live under the God’s authority only.
In chapter six, the author deals with holy judgment, which God performed to His people for what they have done wrong. When the Bible talks about God’s justice, it usually links it to divine righteousness (justice). He gives examples of those who were punished, though they had good intention, because it was not God’s intention: Nadab and Abihu, the son of Aaron and
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The author points out very important matter, “We are now called the children of God, a title granted in blessing to those who are peacemakers… His bow is no longer bent, and the arrows of His wrath are no longer aimed at our hearts. He does not rattle His sword every time we break the treaty” (151).
Chapter eight, the author argues that all the people of God love to be called as saints. However, the saints in the Bible were not the ones who are already pure, but they were the ones who set apart and called to purity. God called His people as “holy ones,” because God set His people apart from other wicked nations. Moreover, God gave His people a commandment, “Be holy, because I am holy” (Lev. 11:44).
Jonathan Edwards’s sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” became a popular sermon in America. This sermon contains many graphic images of the punishment of the wicked in Hell. The purpose of the sermon is not to make people to define God as the One pour out the wrath upon them, but to let them know what is the consequence of sin and warns the unholy

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