The Hitcher Analysis

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The Hitcher

The Hitcher, released in 19XXX, takes place more on a dusty, desert road than in a diner, but one scene in particular that lands as a fan favourite among many people is the scene of C. XXX confronting Ruther RXXX's XXX in a diner. The scene only runs about XXX minutes, but the menacing and commanding performance by RugeXXX and XXX's destroyed and shattered XXX makes the scene captivating. It is a tense 3-minutes of filmmaking from director Robert Harmon and writer Eric Red (XXX). As most already know, Eric Red went on to do a lot of great films, but it seems Director Robert Harmon, not so much, unless you count a shit-tonne of Jesse Stone flicks.

The Blob

XXX saw the gory remake The Blob hit the screens and it was the diner scene that a lot of people remember. Taking place in the back of the diner, cook XXX works on declogging the sink drain, but ends up being horrifically sucked down into the drain by the Blob! It's a gory, bloody scene that brings a grin to gorehounds everywhere. The Blob wasn't able to make back it's entire budget when it premiered, but it now lives on in cult status thanks to Blu-ray releases from XXX and XXX.

In the Mouth of Madness
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XXX (Sam XX) sits down for coffee with a friend and begin discussing the disappearance of author Sutter Cane. As the discussion unfolds, an axed maniac walks out of a store across the street and slowly makes his way to the window of the diner. As soon as the name Sutter Cane is mentioned, the axed maniac bursts through the window and calmly asks XXX whether he reads Sutter Cane. It is a crazy scene that gets the blood pumping for the rest of the flick. Another interesting note from the scene is hearing XXX mention that nobody pulls his strings. Foreshadowing the rest of the plot in the opening is ballsy and John Carpenter makes it

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