The History Of Video Games Essay example

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From Bertie to Flappy Bird - The History of Video Games Video games is a business worth over 74 Billion dollars, and for good reason too. Video games is a efficient way to entertain, bringing the experience of a classic game of four square, chess, Go, and more, all within the convenience of devices that can fit in the palm of your hand. Video games are the combination of our modern advanced technology, superior programing, virtual tecnology and design, and they are in high demand. In the Apple App Market alone, there is an estimated 650,000 games that are currently active, and the amount on the console and 60 Million games on the PC game distributer Steam. With all the games that we apparently play, and the amount of money made from this industry, it is relatively unknown where video games came from and where they started. Most millennials can name a few old consoles, such as the N64, or the Atari, but not many can name the first original video game. Many may jump to Pong, and Tetris, but there are many many games that existed before, and there is quite a history behind the games we play every day. In the early 1950’s, around the time that computers began to have the capacity to run games, colleges and companies used video games as a way to show off the processing powers of their computers. While most computers at the time could handle basic programs and do simple calculations, none could run anything close to an Angry Bird game or even a game of Pong. It is unknown when…

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