The History Of Video Games Essay

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The history of video games goes back as far as the early 1950s. A time when arcade games and gaming consoles became mainstream. Since then, video games have become a huge sensation for people all over the world. As of 2016, there have been eight generations of video game consoles. Although most people had never seen a video game until 1971, the story of video games actually begins more than a decade earlier. In 1958, a physicist named William A. Higinbotham developed the first game on an oscilloscope, a piece of equipment with a 5-inch display. Compared to the games today, Tennis for Two was very simple. This simple technology has the distinction of being the first known video game. In 1962, Steve Russell created Spacewar, the first computer game. This game involving two dueling spaceships was an instant hit. Up to this point, no one had considered any commercial possibilities for video games. Tennis for Two was a game that couldn 't easily be reproduced, and Spacewar could only be played on a computer that cost $120,000 and took up half a room. This was about to change thanks to a couple of men, Ralph Baer and Nolan Bushnell. Each of these men found a different way to bring video games to the masses. The birth of the video game industry started in 1966 when Ralph Baer, a television engineer presented a proposal for a gaming system. Over the next couple of years, Baer and his team finally created what was called the “Brown Box.” Eventually the technology…

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