The Historical Building Of The Riverside Art Museum Essay

1597 Words Dec 24th, 2016 7 Pages
The Riverside Art museum was first discovered in 1967 and it is in downtown Riverside, next to the Mission Inn. The museum’s purpose is to engage and inspire people through exhibits and providing art classes that allows people to learn different skills. This upcoming new year, RAM will be celebrating their 50th year of art and appreciation. Some of their past projects included and integration of science and math into fine arts. This allows young people learn from an educational standpoint. Their continuous management of this historic building helped to collect artwork from locals of all ages. When first entering the museum, the feeling of the environment seems very like a missionary building, more specifically a missionary church. Also, once you walk into the building, there are a couple of pamphlets and magazine about the museum. This helps the visitor get a little background of the historical building. Each side have a different pathway to a specific room with different types of art. At first it was confusing, but once you walk around the exhibition, you get the feel of how everything is set up. The museum is small compared to the other museums. It has a cozy and intimate feel as if you were in a church. The structure of the building also seems like it could be a part of a historical building in Spain. Although it is small, the museum includes many different art work on the first and second floor. In the museum, there are a variety of different exhibits that you can…

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