Gift Shop History

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I payed the surprisingly cheap entrance fee at the gift shop counter and continued on into the museum.
The museum itself is expansive at least in information. The basic structure of the exhibits is to present a diorama or historical artifact on its chosen time period with a paragraph text on sheets of paper of varying sizes. Other more comprehensive information that couldn’t be summed up in relation to a visual aid were put on sheets of paper pasted onto semi-bulletin board stands and were written like printed-out high school essays. That’s not to say that everything looked cheap. Many of the exhibits had artifacts on the time period they were covering. The exhibit on the pre-mission Native American tribes had displays containing weapons and items used
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They also have old documents detailing the Bill of Sale to the restoration committee that restored the church. The inside of the Adobe Church is beautiful. Ornate decorations are present throughout but it still has an innate old world feel to it, allowing people to connect with the history of the area. You get a sense of overwhelming calm just by standing inside, regardless of your religous beliefs. Overall, when it comes to the presentation of the site to the modern public, it puts adequate effort into presenting historical information in an engaging way, despite the shoddiness of some areas of the museum. The gift shop being the first thing you see when entering is a bit off-putting to me, but considering the fact that I’m agnostic and the vast majority of people who come to the site are probably Christians interested in their religion, the gift shop complements the site well. The entrance fees themselves weren’t overly expensive at all, so despite the fault I found in the gift shop, it didn’t force the memorabilia and items it was selling down your throat, unlike other museum gift shops I’ve been to. In

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