The Hiring Process Of Older Workers Essay

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“I’m Sorry, but I don’t think you will be a ‘Good Fit’.” Older workers are often overlooked in the hiring process. Most tech companies today are looking for ‘fresh’ faces, in turn, not looking ‘old’ faces. Many employers try to avoid hiring older workers for many different reasons. Even though it is illegal to discriminate based on age, there are some employers who won’t even grant an interview because of the applicant’s age. Their view is that if they don’t interview them, then there can be no case of age discrimination. Does a mature graduate stand a chance of beating out the younger graduate for the job? Some employers will not hire because the applicant has a long work history, and assume the applicant is overqualified for the position. Other employers shun older job applicants and current employees because of health costs and liabilities (Grossman 2013). And then there is the big stereotype that older people are set in their ways, and cannot be re-trained; an old dog can’t learn new tricks. Some elder employees feel like they are stuck at their jobs, because they feel that if they leave, they might not find another job and may be forced into early retirement. Even with laws in place, age discrimination continues in the work environment. Enter thirty-nine-year-old Sally Baker, a Brunel Business School graduate who has failed to get a job after four years of searching (Brockes,1998). Months after graduation, she was countlessly turned down without even being granted an…

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