The Higher Education System Of The United States Essay

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The higher education system in the United States has been evolving for decades. During the seventies, from the after effect of multiple US conflicts and invasions, second wave feminism, social protest, and globalization, going to a college or university after high school was slowly becoming the norm. Today, the vast majority of kids are planning on continuing their education after high school. When students are coming out of college with thousands of dollars in debt, it begs the question, is the education worth the cost? What if it delays a family and a life that can be started without any monetary inhibitor? Some argue that the American Dream of the millennials is not so focused on family life and more on what their education can give them in their future, so education is still beneficial; it’s the price of an education is ruining the future for millennials. As an education becomes increasingly more expensive, the American Dream is, in turn, becoming impossible.

i. Past
If you ask what people think the typical “American Dream” is, they normally will give you one from before the 1970s. They’ll say something like, “a cookie cutter, suburban, middle class, mom and dad with two point five kids and a dog” (Graves). The idea was to be able to go to work, to make a living, to have a wife, and to have kids, without wondering what you’re going to eat for dinner. So how should one start preparing for the American Dream? Get an education (so you can get a job.) High school is…

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