The High School Level Of Success Essay

793 Words Apr 29th, 2016 4 Pages
School pushes us and makes us go through tremendous amounts of work. All through the school year we are constantly put through paper after paper and assignment after assignment. That is just what high school is though, it teaches us lessons we could not learn anywhere else. In Mr. McGee’s class especially pushes us because of his overload of work that we are given. Still his class prepares you for the next level of education in college. Throughout high school there have been three ways to continue to improve and check my progress during my time as a high school student, these are track my current level of success, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, and creating goals, lastly focusing on my progress in the future.

First of all, continually checking my performance has kept me on the right track. As a student grades are always a constant worry, and they always are changing. In high school your level of success can easily be compared to your grades in most cases. The testing curriculum is very strenuous throughout school, always one test right after the other. Tests are a great way to figure out if young adults are learning what they are being taught or if it just flying right over their heads. To be able to successfully pass the test with a fair knowledge of what you were tested about will require hours of homework during the week. This is the most prevalent part of school, the homework. It’s like the grim reaper is following you and making your life terrible,…

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