Essay The High School Dropout Rate

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There are many critical issues in the United States, high school dropouts that later use drugs are one of those significant issues. The High school dropout rate continues to grow across the United States and has recently been referred to as a crisis (Rumberger 2011.). There is a distinct pattern for students who first dropout of high school, then later become a substance abuser. High school dropout rates have been a concern for more than two decades, and although some progress has been made, the problem still commands the attention. In 2007, 16% of individuals ages 16 to 24, or 6.2 million people, were high school dropouts (Center for Labor Market Studies and Alternative Schools Network in Chicago, 2009). The ten largest public school systems in the U.S. failed to graduate more than 60% of their students (Greene & Winters, 2006). Among the many dire consequences of failing to graduate from high school is the increased risk to become a substance abuser. Higher rates of dropout are observed for racial minority groups, particularly black and Hispanic students compared to white students, and in school districts charac-terized by a large proportion of poor and ethnic minority students (Chapman et al. 2011). Prior research has found dropout to be associated with numerous social and behavioral health problems including poorer mental and physical health problems (Vaughn et al. 2014), less positive well-being (Oreopoulos and Salvanes 2011; US Department of Com- merce 2009) and…

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