The High School Dropout Problem Essay

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The high school dropout problem in America is a great mystery to Americans. Research has shown that dropouts have a poorer health, in average lower paying jobs, an increased likelihood of a life of poverty, and increased incarceration. All this and why do they still drop out if they know that their quality of life is going to be lesser then if they had stayed in school. To that I do not know but with this problem growing smaller each year you can only hope that one day it will be gone. There are a lot of reasons that students drop out some being, no support at home from parents, no interest in having a education, and many more. Finding the students that are at risk, and getting them help is it a top priority for many school districts in the country today.
The elementary and middle school grades are a time of great developmental changes with the potential to impact the children’s life growth inside and outside of school. Contributing to this development are changes in life, thinking, and social factors that play a big part in helping to shape the students sense of who they really are. “Eccles (1999) suggests that this development can be categorized into two separate time periods: middle childhood, when children are ages 6–10, and early adolescence, when children are ages 11–14”. As students go through their formal schooling during these time periods, the potential exists for children to go on a course of healthy development associated with good outcomes or to experience…

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