The High School Career : Disney Channel, House Of Anubis, And Abc Family

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Ever since I can remember, there were always sitcoms on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC Family that portrayed high school students as being adults who were mature for their ages and completely independent of their parents. Some of my favorite examples are Kim Possible, That’s So Raven, House of Anubis, and Degrassi—all of which have the basic story line of teens trying to find their places in the world. They have similar character designs, in that each person is rarely subjected to their parents’ rules, and they look much older than suggested. Between six and thirteen years old, I was convinced that I would be as cool as the characters in the shows throughout my high school career. Although the first three did have either larger than life or supernatural elements, the character dynamics were similar in all of them.
When I was in elementary school, Kim Possible, from the show Kim Possible, was one of the first Disney shows where a teen led a double life; she was a typical student by day and an international spy by night. Being so young, I was convinced that I could be that cool as a sixteen-year-old. That’s So Raven focused on a student named Raven who was a psychic and could see into the future. All of the main characters were mature adults and with little parental supervision they could go out into the world and have jobs, relationships, and responsibilities only given to older teens. House of Anubis was a British drama show about a group of secondary boarding school…

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