Adolescent Development In Freaks And Geeks

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Nichole T. Agnew
HDFS 2400
University of Missouri – Columbia

Adolescent Development in Freaks and Geeks
Adolescence is a time typically characterized by maturation through puberty, development of an identity and experimentation. Specific changes can be identified in adolescents at different ages and they are unique to everyone. The show, Freaks and Geeks, allows the audience to view adolescent development in its different stages through the high school characters. The character Sam Weir, a high school freshman boy, allows the stage of early adolescence to be accurately displayed. Adolescent development is seen in Sam by his cognitive and physical development and his depth of friendships. Also, the strong and healthy
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The purpose of this paper is to understand and apply concepts related to adolescence using Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks.
Cognitive Development
Adolescence brings a change in thought processing, which is shown by self-centered yet overall more complex thoughts. These thoughts often cloud judgment and lead to immediate responses. This can be seen through egocentrism, which leads adolescents to believe they are the center of attention among others and can often make them self-conscious (Kuther 2017). For example, Sam believes that his best friend, Bill, is trying to steal his crush and says, “I think you’re making this up because you want me to stop liking her because you like her now”, when in fact his friend is not interested in the girl at all. Sam cannot grasp the concept that Bill is not interested in the girl that he thinks is perfect. His quick, irrational reaction is a demonstration of the discomfort he feels
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He is exploring his identity, which is greatly impacted by his healthy relationship with his parents and the broad amount of resources he has available due to his family’s socioeconomic status. As an adolescent, Sam is experimenting with different concepts and interests, such as girls and different after-school activities. This will help him realize who he is and wants to become, which is a vital part of adolescence. Without developing this strong sense of identity during adolescence, moving forward in life would be difficult. It would not only put a strain on one’s relationships with others, but it could lead to negative life choices, such as drug and alcohol abuse, in an attempt to find oneself. Freaks and Geeks helps define the importance of the adolescent period, the development it brings, and how the environment can influence

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