The Hideout Analysis

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The Hideout

Characters: Addison, a 20 year old friend of Mr. Frank, babysitter for Anne
Mr. Frank, a l40 year old father and husband
Mrs. Frank, 36 year old mother and a loyal wife
Anne, a joyful 14 year old
Margot, a quiet 19 year old

Setting: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The main office of Mr. Frank. Addison is an american citizen who has been working for Mr. Frank for 2 years. She began working for him in a marketing position. They have been good friends since then. Addison is helping Mr. frank hide from The Nazi discovering Mr. Frank who is Jewish.
Act I
Scene I

(Early morning in the main office where Addison is with Mr. Frank and his family. They are having coffee and discussing the underground basement hiding plans.) Curtain
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I will see you guys at night. I will bring some supplies for the next week. Get settled in and I will be back shortly.

Act I
Scene II

Setting: The Underground basement which has 3 bedrooms and one living room with an in-built kitchen.

(Mid evening after everyone is settled in the Underground basement. Mr.Frank and his family woke up from a nap. They are restless and are waiting for Addison to get back to them. )

Anne Good evening my father and my mother! I love this place, daddy! It's so spacious for all of us. (She jumps up and down on her twin mattress as Mr. and Mrs. Frank appear inside the bedroom)

Mrs. Frank Oh Anne! (She sigh) Come and let’s go eat dinner. Addison will be coming shortly after.

(All of them gather in the hallway as a knock echoes through the living room)

Mr. Frank (Signals his pointer finger to his lips to his family as he opens the door)

Addison Hi Mr. Frank! Glad to see y'all awake. I came here only for a few minutes and then I have to leave for home. (She says as she enters the living room) I have bought food for a whole week and please divide it equally among the week. For Anne and Margot, I got them some books from the
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I love you and you are the most courageous person I have ever met. I love you, Addison. Be safe.

(Tears threaten to leak out of Addison’s eyes as her dad, her hero, leaves her behind)

(Addison hurries back to the plane and closes all doors and explains the Frank’s family what is happening outside. They all get ready to leave as a bomb exlpodes in front of the runway they had created.)

Garrett (He opens his truck door and yanks out one long gun along with a grenade) This is for hurting the Jews (He yells as he fires towards the Nazi. Then, he throws a grenenade to them. He kills almost their whole army at the site. One of the Nazi soldier fire at Garrett, injurying his left arm. Garrett still fires, ignoring the pain which is trembling his body. Another fire from the Nazi, goes straight into his heart and breaks him into pieces.)

(Back at the plane, Addison is yelling at the pilot as tears stream down her face. Anne and Margot watch the war happening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank try to help by reading the map.)

Addison Start the damn plane, pilot. Let’s change our direction of the runway.

Pilot Ok Madam. (He turns the plane to the left and gently the plane stumbles across the grass. The plane swiftly launches into the

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