Fast Food And Animal Cruelty

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However, I started learning about the hidden impacts that eating fast food can have. And I started thinking, is the temporary enjoyment of eating one of these meals really worth the negative effect it has? And now I pose the question, would so many people really still be eating fast food if they knew about the repercussions that are caused? By eating fast food, we give a cause for animal cruelty. Many may argue that they only eat fast food because it is much more affordable than a healthy meal, but this really the case? Most of all, fast food has an enormous impact on one 's health. For these reasons, people should stop eating fast food.
Firstly, the purchase and consumption of fast food is causing animal cruelty. The way that fast food producers
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In the videos, multiple chickens are all crowded into the same cages, where they are confined to tiny living spaces. Chicken waste is left in the cages, along with dead, decomposing chickens. Baby chicks are smashed against hard surfaces, and then all thrown into garbage bags to suffocate. They are treated like this for one year when they stop laying eggs and they are consequently slaughtered, unless they die early, which is a common occurrence, considering the way they are treated. Another example of inhumane treatment of animals is revealed in even more footage that Mercy for Animals Canada released, displaying atrocious conditions in the farms of one of the biggest pizza cheese suppliers in the world, Leprino Foods. In the videos, cows are punched and kicked, viciously whipped by metal chains, and electrocuted in sensitive areas. Workers twist their legs to …show more content…
And it seems like it is true-you can walk around the corner and get a burger, fries, and a drink for 8$ at McDonald 's. It 's a seemingly quick, easy, and cheap way to feed yourself, or your family. But people need to stop believing in this misconception that eating healthy is significantly more expensive. People at the Harvard School of Public Health have conducted studies on 10 of the more economically well countries, that indicate that eating healthier meals, rather than fast food, could cost only about $1.50 more a day. Ultimately t is because we subsidize this industry, that fast food is so inexpensive. Revenue has grown from $6 billion in 1970 to $160 billion in 2013, and the more we continue to buy fast food, the more this industry will continue to grow. The reality is, fast food is a bit cheaper, and it is a bit more convenient. But, in the end, a meal at a fast food restaurant and a homemade meal could not even be compared. Because the cost of fast food may be a bit lower, but the price we really pay for eating unhealthily may actually be much more

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