The Importance Of Factory Eating

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“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarians,” said Paul McCarthy.
Fifty-six billion animals are brutally tortured and killed every day globally. To break that down, 3,000 animals are killed in factory farms every second, without including sea life. It is only morally right and natural for a human to not eat his fellow animals. Factory farming is done to produce the greatest amount of meat at the lowest cost, always at the expense of the animals. Animals are normally given such little space that they cannot lie or turn. Many are kept in dirty, tiny cages, sheds or feedlots. Animals are stuffed with antibiotics to make them grow quickly, as well as to keep them alive. The conditions on the farms are often so unsanitary,
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Historically, it was only recently that humans began to eat meat. The first humans ate more like apes, and their diet consisted of plants. The human digestive system is also much more similar to herbivore animals, which have long digestive systems, while carnivores have short systems to break down flesh. Carnivores also have claws and pointed teeth for hunting and tearing meat. Humans have squared teeth, similar to those of the herbivorous horse. We also have hands perfect for picking fruit and other plants, as monkeys do. Eating meat also shrinks the arteries, due to the build up of saturated fat, which can be fatal. Meat is also known to lead to diseases such as bowel cancer. Currently, 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to live a healthy life. Much of the feed grown for animals who will be slaughtered is grown in third world countries, where the people do not have enough food. Instead of using the field space and resources for the malnourished people, the food is shipped to more advanced countries to feed the billions of animals who will soon be slaughtered. Due to this part of factory farming, there is not enough food in the world for everyone. If every person in the world was vegetarian, world hunger would be …show more content…
Vitamins in meat are also in leafy greens, or modern technology has created pills and medicines with vitamins such as iron, zinc, and B12. With humanity being so advanced, there is no reason for a person to be eating meat. Humans have been led to believe that eating meat is a natural action. This idea is perpetuated in the thought that farms are quaint, family run businesses on the rustic countryside, but the reality of factory farming is not so. The factory farming industry is kept very secretive, and if society knew how their meat was produced, there would be many more

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