Argumentative Essay On Factory Farm

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Factory Farms
Unable to move stands three year old porky the pig. Unlike Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web where he is able to roam the open fields and eat a tasty meal with some variation, Porky the pig is locked in a cage. Restricted from any outside activity, he simply stands in his own manure in a two foot size cage waiting for just a slight ray or light signaling fresh air that he will most likely never get. Taken from his mother at a very young age, Porky waits for his dose of antibiotics that will make him fatter and grow faster. To protect porky the pig and the human population, there should be more regulation on Factory Farms.
Factory farms are not only harmful to animals, but also affect everyone in the world in a negative way. According to ASCPA, a Factory Farm is a large, industrial operation that raises large number of animals for food. Over 99% of
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If we abolish Factory Farms, it would create more jobs for farmers and give the animals a healthier environment. Natural farming would also reduce the mass concentration of manure causing problems to the environment and the surrounding towns. Furthermore, natural farming would release the extra amount of stress on the animals resulting in an increase in quality of meat. Because Factory Farms main goal is to make a profit, they often put quality on the back burner and focus on profit. If we eliminate the massive meat companies and minimize them into a bunch of little ones, the result would be a better quality product because the animals would be treated in a natural way. To sum things up, Factory Farms do not care about the product they sell or ways to improve the quality. All they care about is stuffing money into their pockets and making their company bigger. In order to improve the quality and the way Factory Farms treat the animals, people must stand up against the major corporations and take a

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