The Help By Kathryn Stockett Essay

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“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett effectively and accurately uses the setting of Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960’s to discuss social issues such as racism and sexism. Both Minny and Aibileen, along with many other black maids and citizens, experience racism in varying extremes. For example, Medgar Evers, the Field Secretary for the NAACP, was shot and killed by the KKK. Comparatively, Minny and Aibileen faced less extreme racism: Hilly refusing to use the same bathrooms as the maids for fear of “diseases” (Stockett, 10) that black people carry, or the bus driver telling Aibileen to get off the bus, while he would keep driving the white passengers to safety. Minny, Aiblieen, and Skeeter all experience sexism, even if it is not direct; they are all forced and/or expected to be nothing more than wives, mothers, and domestics: the white women staying home while their husbands worked, and the black women working as maids in the white women’s homes. Through the experiences Minny, Skeeter, and Aibileen have, Stockett examines discrimination, both against women and people of colour. Discrimination in society is often caused by the total ignorance or lack of knowledge the dominant culture has about another group of people. Due to the fact that The Help takes place in southern America right in the middle of the Civil Rights movement, racism against black citizens is extremely evident throughout the novel. One recurring instance is white people, specifically Hilly Holbrook, insisting…

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