Society And Culture In The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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Society and culture continue to change as the world familiarizes itself with equality. A story called “The Help” was originally written into a novel by Kathryn Stockett and tells the story regarding a servant that helped her family in the 1960’s. In 2011, the book was created into a screenplay by Tate Taylor. “The Help” captures the oblivious reality of segregation and inequality between white and black people during the 60’s. In the movie, the main character Eugenia, or otherwise known as “Skeeter,” struggles to fit in with her long lost Mississippi friends that are clearly only focused on marriage and reproduction. Skeeter is a young Caucasian woman who desires nothing more than to write something of importance. Requiring experience, Skeeter …show more content…
Culture today is much different to that during the 60’s. Since the Civil Rights Movement was established, black and white people have been allowed to share time together. Equality has and continues to develop in many different cultures in order to create change and stability. Culture is developed through learned traits that range from behavior patterns to religious views. Any individual that have found establishment exists within a culture and unconsciously abides by its moral rules through social understanding. In “The Help,” it is obvious that the culture understands that white people had say over the black. Skin color played a huge part in any decisions that were made. Skeeter acknowledges the culture’s understanding of race but courageously decides to create her own. A specific culture influences life by simply existing. The only way to change the way that a culture exists is to significantly influence the lives that hold to the culture. In the movie, Skeeter writes “The Help,” a story about the under-paid maids, in order to influence change among the folk that think black people lack legal rights to voice an opinion because of the skin that they wear. Aibileen’s best friend Minnie, who eventually contributes to the book through her story and “insurance,” helps ensure protection before the release of the cultural changing book. Despite her negativity, Miss Hilly Holbrook is a perfect example of an …show more content…
The white ladies in “The Help,” like Miss Hilly Holbrook and Elizabeth Leefolt demonstrate strong power over the black maids, like Aibileen through mental control. There is a huge barrier been cultural views during this time. While the white families lived in royalty, the blacks were forced to perform hard labor. Aibileen, Minny, and Constantine did not grow up with dreams of being a maid but through learned culture, they knew that they were required to do so. Although Skeeter understood the culture that she was to obey, she realized quickly that her beliefs did not fall under the same tree as her friends/family. A viewer can observe the difference in cultural views when Skeeter secretly gather stories from the maids and publishes a book that goes against everything that her town had ever believed. Cultural differences exist between the majority of the characters and myself because I strongly believe in the equality of all humans regardless of race and gender. I have never imagined living in a world that believes in separating one human from another. I see myself falling into a cultural category with Skeeter who believes in equality and human rights. I do believe that the culture that I live in influences my identity, values, and reasoning. Although, if I were forced to adapt to the culture during the time that “The Help” takes place, I could see myself responding as Celia Foote, who eventually

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