Gender Inequality In The Movie The Help

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As time progresses it has become a sought after goal for filmmakers and producers to create films that their audience can resonate with. As more movies are being made, the fight to create something astonishing and thought-provoking grows larger and larger. The movie “The Help” written and directed by Tate Taylor creates a staggering impression on audiences all around because of the real life and personal qualities within the film. The film The Help captures the lives of colored maids working in white homes during the Civil Rights era in 1962. The film takes place in Jackson, Mississippi and tells the story of a white woman named Skeeter who is attempting to expose racism by writing a book from the point of view of colored maids. Throughout …show more content…
Right as the movie began, I clearly understood the roll of men and women during the time this movie took place. Successful white men were looked up to, almost like a gem. White women where taught early that they must search for a successful husband that they can tend to and eventually marry. Women are looked at as housewives who are there to have babies and clean their home, even though they hire maids to do all the “housework” and tend to their babies for them. As I watched this movie, and the roll that white women played during the 1960’s, I was extremely shocked. The thing that appalled me the most was how much things have changed, but in a way stayed the same. Most modern day parents look at their children as their universe, and teach them everything they have to know. But, there are also some parents that leave their children or give them up to be taken care of by other mothers or adults, which is very similar …show more content…
This movie takes place around the time of the Civil Rights Movement so racism is at its peak. Skeeter, is a white journalist that realizes the horrible racism that is going on around her and wants to bring it to the public. Skeeter was raised by a black maid herself and was one of the very few people during the 1960’s who realized the good that they do and the kind of people they are. Since Skeeter respected the colored people in her community she decided to go against her ethics, and her friends, by asking their maids to tell their stories about racism and their life. The women talked about how they couldn’t use the bathrooms of the families they worked for, or how the mothers of the children they watch do not care for their children in any way. Racism was such an extreme issue during the Civil Right era and still is now, because of that, there are many different views on the social problem of racism. Some people state that an entire society can be harmed by racism because of the things that colored people are capable of contributing but are unable to which can “make a society less productive and harmonious” (Best 5). What Joel Best said was true and was very visible in this specific movie. The society in Jackson, Mississippi was not harmonious because of the judgement of colored people. Also, even if a white person did not agree with racism, the whole

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