Skeeter In The Help

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The film, The Help directed by Tate Taylor is about a determined story to make a change in black civil rights in Jackson, Mississippi. Skeeter, is a main character who was influenced by others to stand up for the purpose of black civil rights. Skeeter is a young, self-motivated and successful woman, who has the aspirations to be an excellent writer. She is quite different from her friends, as she has a different view on the racism and civil rights of the black maids. She is strongly influenced by the black maids, Aibileen and Minnie to write a book to create awareness of their mistreatment. The publishing company also inspires her to gather more maids’ opinions for her book to be published.

Skeeter is a very successful woman with big aspirations, her self-motivation lets her strive to be an outstanding role model. She is also a very educated person wanting to create change, so everyone has equality in their civil rights. She also is a well-spoken woman with a big voice for change. Skeeter is quite different to her friends, as her attitude towards the black maids is caring and respectful. Her white friends and family can be very arrogant and bossy towards them. An
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Aibileen and Minnie shared their experiences with Skeeter as she took down notes. As the stories went on, more black maids joined them to share their experience what it was like to be a black maid. All of them described it as raising a white child that will grow up and be as arrogant as their mother. Skeeter began to see the truth of their mistreatment and was influenced to create awareness to their civil rights. After the many stories and influences Skeeter was able to publish her book. This book created awareness throughout Jackson, Mississippi and began to make change in the black civil rights. I thought Skeeter was a very determined lady to seek the truth of the lives of the black maids to be influenced to write a book to express their

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