Analysis Of Kathryn Stcokett's The Help

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The main character in the novel The Help, written by Kathryn Stcokett, is a 23 year old woman named Eugenia Phelan also referred as “Skeeter, who has college degree from the University of Mississippi. This bold character, risks herself, to write a book featuring real stories from the black women who work for white families in Jackson, Mississippi. She wants to give these women a voice in what they feel as to finish this book, but there are some obstacles in the way. Skeeter helps these women with her outstanding traits such as being devoted, ambitious, and compassionate. Skeeter is a devoted woman. She believes that having a career in her profession rather than having a husband. Her mother wants her to find a husband before she gets in age, and to Skeeter, it becomes frustrating. Even when she did not get the position she wanted in New York, she did not let that stop her from achieving her goals. She furthermore ended finding a job home in Jackson working for a cleaning column at the Jackson Journal. When starting the book, Ms. Stine, editor of Harper and Row, asked her to include more women and add a personal portion about her maid when she was younger. Even though she had her deadline shortened by some weeks, she still managed to finish the book in time. Skeeter has been ambitious since her journey began when …show more content…
After the mistreatment of black maids by her fellow associates, she decided to an incredible task by completing a book that embarks on the lives of these women and ultimately changes an outward perspective that many people believed about these women. Skeeter gains purpose in her life and helps the maid find theirs through this book. Skeeter has been the one who glues everything and everyone together in many ways. Skeeter did something many people who believed was the wrong thing to do but she knew in her heart she was doing the right

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