The Health Of Aboriginal Health Essays

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Over a hundred years ago, the aboriginal people of Canada had a great systematic health structure that catered to their beliefs and spirituality (Reading & Wien, 2009). Their ideology of health was centered around the importance of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being to enhance their health, but this has altered over the years (Reading & Wien, 2009). When the Europeans first arrived in what is now called Canada, the relationship they had with the aboriginal people started off as a civil interaction to then shifting to the Europeans reinforcing European ideologies, forbidding Aboriginal people from speaking their native language, associating or learning about their original cultural beliefs and practising their religious and cultural ceremonies (National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health, 2013). This took a huge toll on the health of Aboriginal people because all they have known was deemed wrong or inappropriate resulting in deteriorating effects on their well-being which has a lasting effect until today. Another factor that continues to have a huge impact today in Aboriginal health is the historical event of the passing and imposed policies such as residential schools. Residential schools were religious schools sponsored by the government, which was established to introduce Aboriginal children into the European-Canadian culture and to integrate these students into the Canadian society (Miller, 2013). In these residential schools, the…

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