Cultural Genocide

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The cultural genocide at the hands of the Indian residential school system along with historic and present day oppression and abuse is a blood stain on Canadian culture and government. The government has made steps to atone and reconcile for the destruction it brought upon the First Nations community, however, I do not think enough has been done or ever will be done as long as the oppressor’s government institution is in place. It will ultimately be left up to the First Nations people to come together as a unit to rebuild the structure of their community.
Indian Residential School System
The Indian residential schools (IRS) were domestic terrorism hubs and locations ordained by the Canadian government and churches which were operated and enforced
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Regardless of the good accounts the numbers lay small in comparison to the too many horrid accounts of sexual and intentional physical, verbal and mental mistreatment. The atrocities perpetrated by many of the staff, RCMP and other officials along with the operation of the schools swallowed and engulphed the good intentions of instructors and overseers who did try to be good surrogates. Even if the abuse hadn’t happened, the purpose and operation of the school would be detrimental enough to be catastrophic on its own to be considered cultural genocide.
The conditions of the school were horrific. The lack of food, clothing, lodging and education and its quality were below basic needs at best. Insufficient nutrition, human experiments, sickness and disease combined with inadequate clothing, especially for winter and harsh punishments, created a hostile environment. Treatment that would’ve never been tolerated with white children became routine for Aboriginal children at these schools. The devastating effect has been one that clearly changed Indigenous people for
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With the sense of redeeming and exonerating themselves of the horrors their institutions committed through a poor excuse of an apology and money. With these actions, the Canadian government has a false sense of security in moving on past the problem. While the Aboriginal people may have received some restitution the Canadian method of reconciliation falls short. The Native community still and will continue to struggle with the PTSD effects of the IRS. The culture, rights, treaties and mind of an entire group of people have been fragmented and through sorry and money at it will not fix it.
What should be done on top of financial restitution and the public apology, changes should be made in all levels of the Canadian government structure. Allotted seats and positions should be held exclusively for the Indigenous people of Canada along with implementation and integration of some Native practices, methods and political structures into the current system. Until then, the Canadian government will always fall

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