Essay on The Health And Nutrition Class

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My professor in health and nutrition class focused on the importance of healthy living in various areas, mental health, disease prevention, physical fitness, stress management, and how to eliminate bad habits, such as drugs and alcohol abuse. My professor lectures involved descriptive ways on how to maintain satisfactory health by participating in routine checkups, blood pressure monitoring, and cancer screening.
The health and nutrition class has provided me with the significant knowledge that would be beneficial in every aspect of my life, and everyone who takes their life seriously. Health education strengthens the emotional, mental, and emotional conditions of an individual. Obtaining the information from class, and applying it to your daily life improves and maintains their health, prevents disease, and reduces risky behaviors.
In this class, one of the most positive effects this course has had on my life is my decision to stop drinking. My son was incarcerated (date), and he received thirty years for a crime he did not commit. This tragic trial in my life provided me with sorrow, depression, and I became dependent on alcohol. In class, I learned that drinking heavily over longer periods of time can have very serious life-threating consequences. Alcohol misuse harms the individual, and damages relationships because it usually results in violence or crime. Alcohol can cause high blood pressure, which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Alcohol also…

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