The Harmful Effects Of Smoking Advertisements Essay

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Anti-smoking advertisements are widely distributed throughout our society, often showing the harmful effects of smoking which can be seen either from television, the internet or even on freeway billboards which people see every day. In addition an ad that does a great job of conveying the message that smoking only cause you harm is one that displays a black and white background, showing a young man smoking a cigarette, and with the smoke from its cigarette it transforming into a gun pointed at his head, and off to the side with small font letters words saying, “Kill a cigarette, save a life. Yours”. The advertisement is conveying a vivid sense of danger because the cigarettes’ smoke transforms into a method that usually is used to commit suicide. Moreover, the visual is well arranged in a way to depict how when someone starts to smoke, they are slowly working to kill themselves.
The visual advertisement was mainly created to induce a response from its audience, which are both smokers as well as non-smokers. The way that the image appeal to smokers is by using visual effects to form the cigarette smoke into a gun, it would work as a wakeup call to show smokers what eventually is going to happen if they continue smoking, which would be a gunshot on their heads, meaning it will kill them. Furthermore, the image will also be a reminder of the harm they are doing to their bodies, and to their health overall. In the non-smoking audience, the image will either decrease their…

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