The Growth Of Urban Settings And The Never Ending Maintenance For Building Structures And Roadways Demand Constant Work

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Edward Tesen Tesen 1
Dr. Chris Blankenship
English 1010
Civil Engineer The growth of urban settings and the never ending maintenance for building structures and roadways demand constant work, civil engineers are just some of those people that have that responsibility. Some of the common jobs and responsibilities of a civil engineer are to plan and design bridges, tunnels, highways, waterways, airfields, sewage systems, and buildings. They supervise the construction of these projects. They oversee the maintenance of building structures. Along with having the responsibility to look at construction costs, government regulations, potential hazards to the environment, and other factors in the planning stage. Levi Anderson a civil engineer for 4 years, when asked about what his career contributed said “It helps us in our daily activities. Where before people would ride horses or take wagons across the prairies we now have roads that people can get to and from their destinations, we can turn on faucets for water to come out. So that 's one thing that 's made it easier for almost all of us.”
As part of the studies expected by civil engineering degrees, students are required to complete a wide arrange of higher mathematics. While solving problems is the main focus of civil engineers, those solutions need mathematical facts to back them up. Figuring…

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