The Group Facilitation Reflection Assignment Essay

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Group Facilitation Reflection Assignment

I chose to teach how thoughts are related to mood because I believe is true, and also because I can relate to it. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety most of my adult life. The coping strategies used by people with depression, like myself, often make things worse. We spend a great deal of time thinking about negative past experiences, mistakes, pains, and problems, or worrying about possible future pains, mistakes or problems. When these thoughts take over our minds we tend to isolate ourselves, so we can avoid distressing situations. I know that by changing the coping strategies and maladaptive thinking patterns we can alleviate some of the depression’s symptoms, therefore, I was very happy to talk about it in a group setting.
My first mistake was to assume that all members of the group knew the difference between thoughts and actions. I should have explained what the difference was, before asking them about the thoughts they had while they were depressed, without assuming what they knew or didn’t know about the subject. The facilitator should be ready for any kind of answers or situations, and be able to handle them appropriately, (in my mind I had an idea of what my classmate’s possible feedbacks were going to be, that did not match with what it actually happened.)
When I began talking about External and Objective reality, I found myself listening to my own words, and all the negative…

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