The Greenfield Union School District Essays

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The Greenfield Union School district is using a variety of methods to ensure adequacy and equity was attained in the development of the local control accountability plan (LCAP) for teachers, parents, and students. In reviewing the Greenfield Union School District LCAP there were clear needs and metrics analyzed that were used to set goals to support the improvement of student success and safety.

During the first stages of the LCAP implementation process the goal of district personnel was to increase stakeholders understanding of their requirements in meeting the state’s eight priorities as it related to the local control accountability plan. To facilitate this process district management created a four-step plan for reaching out to and informing a wide range of stakeholders of the new laws and requirements associated with the local control accountability plan to ensure that all participants had a clear understanding regarding their role in the development of the plan and goals. To accomplish this, district personnel held informational meetings during which they outlined the requirements for LCAP. To provide stakeholders with the opportunity to attend an informational meetings, multiple meetings were held, at a variety of locations (board meeting, school sites meeting, etc.), and varied the time of the meeting. Additionally, to further draw in participants in the development a multitude of participants were targeted and invited (CSA, ELAC, community business members,…

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