Essay on The Green Supply Chain Management

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As it has been widely observed nowadays, a major part of the world’s manufacturing have shifted to Southeast Asia and will continue to do so in the coming decade. Although this has created many opportunities in Asia, it has also brought substantial environmental burden.

The concept pertaining to Green Supply Chain Management is usually understood as doing business with suppliers that comply with regulatory standards. However, it is not limited to this. Over the years, the definition of Green Supply Chain have evolved to include working collaboratively with suppliers on green product designs, holding awareness seminars, and helping suppliers establish their own environmental programme.

Green Supply Chain in Asia

In Asia, there are several factors as to why companies are leaning towards a green supply chain management. One of which is due to the multiple stakeholders involved that are more committed to sustainability. These include governments, retailers and other businesses; a wider umbrella that encompasses more than just niche consumer segments.

There is a growing trend in Asia, whereby consumers have started to express their willingness to pay a higher price for green products. This is due to consumers recognising the fact that going green is no longer a choice, but rather a necessity.

In a survey conducted covering 17 countries and over 13,000 respondents. Approximately 70 per cent of Japanese consumers were willing to accept a five per cent price premium, followed…

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