Essay on The Greeks : Who They Were

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The Greeks: Who they were I started out the semester by finding out that I am African: Now, I find out that I am Greek too. Possibly not in terms of DNA, but certainly in terms of cultural roots. I can’t wait to see what I become next. This essay cannot be effective without mentioning the great contributions that the Greeks made to our culture, as well as to the vast majority of most modern civilizations. These contributions include, but are not limited to, language, architecture, sports, literature, and to a degree even our politics. This essay will focus less on these known contributions, and more on the unknown everyday lives of the Greek people. The value of HIS121 is apparent as we draw from the knowledge gained in that class to remind us of the Greek vs. Persian rivalry, of King Darius, and of the Greek victory at Marathon. We also learned how sons can be vindictive; as was the case with Alexander and Xerxes, but that is another essay. Our documentary began by reminding us of the Marathon victory, and showing us how the spoils of war were used to honor the gods; a practice that was at the core of Greek life. The ancient Greeks were a diverse group; living in small independent territories, tribes, monarchies, and city states known as polis. These communities were self-supportive and independently democratic: this is important when considering that there was not a unified government in place at the time; what they had were independent democratic territories (Michael…

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