The Great Dictator Movie Analysis

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It is commonly believed that the only purpose comedy serves is to make people laugh. While that aspect of comedy is always enjoyable, the humor in these films usually have a deeper message. The restrictions that movies in the past have are no longer an issue for the films of today. This freedom has allowed movies today to take the social and political aspects of comedy to a whole new level. Films such as The Interview and White Chicks have taken the social and political implications from The Great Dictator and Some Like it Hot and really pushed the limits. Movies today go past the boundaries and push past social limitations of what they can and cannot show on the big screen. Many conditions in society help to the extended limits of films today. …show more content…
In The Great Dictator there was definitely a more serious feel to it and that probably has to do with the concentration camps happening in Germany. The speech at the end was more than just a good movie ending. During that era, that speech was a direct message to the oppressed in Germany and it was a way to inspire hope. However, despite the serious atmosphere the film never failed to push boundaries and caricaturize Hitler. This is something similar that The Interview brings by pushing limits and not being afraid to depict Kim Jong Un in a negative way. The film even caused Seth Rogen and James Franco to come to the attention of North Korea. They even tried to get the film banned. The biggest difference is that the comedic aspect was allowed to go even further today than ever before. Today, people are more accepting of ridiculous forms of humiliation. For example, Kim Jong Un was initially depicted as this almighty dictator who was so above humanity that he did not even have an anus. However, as the film continues he is shown to not only be human, but also be sensitive while crying to Katy Perry songs. This is something that would be unimaginable in The Great Dictator because in that era the people were more afraid to voice their opinion and slander dictators such as Hitler to that extent. However, today people can curse and make up random things to defame and humiliate whomever they please. This is definitely a cultural thing as people in today’s generation are more open and accepting to such

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