The Great Awakening By John L. O ' Sullivan Essay example

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Essay 3
From 1840s to the 1850s the division on this nation began to take shape due to two main reasons, Manifest Destiny and slavery in the country. This became a political dilemma that would also later be supported religiously and economically. Literacy became a big contribution during this era.Between those years, the tension in the nation gave rise to the idea of separation of the South from the rest of the union.
Manifest Destiny, was a belief in the 19th century that the expansion of the United States to the west was justified religiously because it was God 's will to expand his borders. This was thanks to the Second Great Awakening, where the spread of Christianity began and it influenced most of the American citizens. John L. O’Sullivan was the first man to use the phrase of “Manifest Destiny” through his article about the annexation of Texas in 1845. In his essay, he implies through the idea of Manifest Destiny that is America’s duty to extend liberty and democratic institutions across the continent. In his article he says "the fulfillment of our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions." His idea of Manifest Destiny will eventually control North America after the annexation of Texas, later suggesting California and other parts of Mexico. Manifest Destiny became one of the valuable pieces of history to understand why the US started to divide. With the idea of having more land,…

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