Personal Narrative: The Grande Restaurant

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The Grande Restaurant was an upscale restaurant in town. Being Sunday it will be very busy and most people would be dressed in a more casual after church attire. She changed into multiple outfits and laid the matching sets out on the mattress. Brooke compared each and scrutinized the pro and con of each. Her black pants and favorite sweater that perfectly matched her newly bought scarf was chosen. Brooke carefully dressed and draped the scarf around her shoulders. The reflection in the mirror gave her a sense of relief. She looked forward to lunch. This was something her and David hardly ever did. Her husband would rather stay home and prepare a meal at home. As Brooke drove to the parking lot she looked for Leon’s white BMW. She noticed him sitting in his car as she turned the corner Brooke parked next to his. He dropped down the passenger window. “Come in Brooke”, Leon urged …show more content…
Guiding her to her seat he whispered, “I have plans for us.” “What do you have in mind?” “ I would like for you to visit my vacation home. It will be quieter there and we can talk.” He suggested with a smile. They held hands as drove to his lake house on the west side of town. Brooke felt very relaxed during the drive to Leon’s house. It was the first time in a long time that she felt this way. As they entered the gated community he waved to the security guard as the access lifted. Brooke slumped back in her seat feeling somewhat uncomfortable. “He probably thinks you are my daughter”. Leon spoke as he noticed the red flush appearance on her face. Her sense of uneasiness vanished as he grabbed her hand and caressed it, kissing it softly. As he parked his car in the attached garage, he reached over and kissed her as she has never been kissed before. She wanted him to kiss him more. He gently lowered his arm on her shoulder blade and whispered, “Let’s go inside.” The garage door closed

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