Essay about The Gospel Of The Bible

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In Creature of the Word, authors Chandler, Patterson, and Geiger set out to uncover what it means to be a church captivated by the Gospel. The Gospel, as defined by the authors, is, “God’s reconciling work in Christ-that through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, God is making all things new both personally for those who repent and believe, and cosmically as He redeems culture and creation from its subjection to futility” (7,8). Chapter one begins with the claim that the church as a whole has lost sight of what the Gospel really is. The church cannot be fulfilled, or successful, apart from the Gospel; the Gospel is what forms the church. This message is about more than simply containing it within the church walls, though, it is about taking it outside the church. The church is called to be a Creature of the Word. The Church should be a “living, breathing movement of God’s people redeemed and placed together in collective community” (20). Ultimately, the authors are setting the stage for the rest of the book. Chapter one challenges the reader to take a real, hard look into what is driving American church culture. Has the church truly forgotten its first love? Chapter two challenges the church to be captivated by worship. As a result of the Gospel, the church should inevitably worship. The human race will worship something, whether intended or not. The church must worship the Creator above all else, though. The writers address three things that interfere with…

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