Essay on The Good Daughter By Caroline Hwang

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Being raised as 1 out of 5 children by a single mother, I have learned to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices my mother has made to be a great parent. And I feel that the only way to show my gratitude to her is by becoming successful and being happy with the decisions I make in life. In the passage “The Good Daughter,” Caroline Hwang gives an account of the obligation she felt when it came to repaying the sacrifice her parents made of moving from Korea to America for her. The main idea in the passage is that there is a debt owed to parents who make sacrifices in order to create better opportunities for their children’s future. Hwang productively expresses this main idea because she constantly talks about strong personal experiences that influence her decisions to make her parents happy. ¬¬ Throughout the passage Hwang constantly displays her uncertainty of what her parents originally intended for her future. The first example of her uncertainty is the fact that she is confused in whether her parents want her to be Americanized or hold on to her original Korean heritage. Hwang strongly expresses this by stating, “My parents didn’t want their Daughter to be Korean, but they don’t want her fully American, either.” She displays confusion in this statement because her parents have created a contradiction for her. In the beginning of the story when Hwang questions her mother about the lack of understanding her original culture, Her mother basically says she was raised…

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