The Gold Friend By Jill Mccorkle Essay

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Gold friend
“The silver friend knows your present and the gold friend knows all of your past dirt and glories. Once in a blue moon, there is someone who knows it all, someone who knows and accepts you unconditionally, someone who is there for life.” Everyone needs a friend that they can always count on in their life. This description of a “gold friend” by Jill McCorkle perfectly describes an important friend of mine.
It was an ordinary Sunday morning; the sun was shining as usual. I put on my youth group uniform, which consisted of a white shirt and a navy blue skirt. I was nervous because I was going to participate in the youth group at my church after a long break, and worried that I might not have anyone to be with. After an infinitely long 15-minute drive I finally arrived at my church. The surroundings were the same as always. Mosaic paintings of Mary were on the ceiling and a few people were running around and making sure that everything was in order for mass. I watched them as I walked toward the first row of benches on the left side of the nave. I noticed that a girl was already there; Thinking to myself that it was a little weird since it was still early, I sat beside her and took notice of her leopard-print glasses. I decided to compliment them as I hoped that we would become friends. She said “Thank you” in a little suspicious tone and an awkward silence followed as more people started to bustle in and fill the church. During mass, we just sat in silence and…

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