Essay on The God The Father Is He Who Has Raised Jesus From The Dead

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As we have seen, for Paul, God the Father is He who has raised Jesus from the dead. Paul views the Abrahamic narrative in this light as if the narrative were written with that statement being true at the time that Abraham walked the earth. The God of Abraham is the God who would raise Jesus from the dead. Implied in that statement is that Jesus had to die. Knowing that Jesus is God the Son, that means that, from time immemorial, the Son is He who would be sent by the Father to suffer and die. The relationship of the Father and the Son is centered around the Father sending the Son, the Son suffering death, and the Father raising the Son: the Paschal Mystery. The Son is the perfect Image of the Father, in eternity and in time, from whom the Son receives His origin, mission, and being. Given the notion that the economic Trinity reveals the immanent Trinity, we can see that the Paschal Mystery is a visible sign of the invisible reality, concealed in unapproachable light, which no eye has seen, but only God the Son has revealed. For in God the Son, the mystery of Divine Fatherhood is fully revealed. As the Son pours Himself out on the Cross, He images what the Father does in eternity. The Father pours Himself out entirely to the Son in eternity, and thus the process of begetting can be seen as sending. The Son in turn pours Himself out entirely to the Father, Who then pours Himself out entirely to the Son, giving Him life. In raising the Son from the dead, the Father reveals…

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