The Goals Of Life And With Those Goals Essay

752 Words Oct 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Everyone has their goals in life and with those goals, there are pathways. College, thankfully, is one pathway used to fulfill one’s visions. Before I was even born, my parents had created a new trail solely for me. This trail took me on a journey filled with motivation, anxiety, and gratitude that ended up taking me to college.
Ever since I was a little girl, my parents had motivated me to get straight A’s on every report card that I should bring home. I, being the youngest of the family, never wanted to disappoint my parents. The despair on their faces if I ever brought a grade home lower than a ‘C’ was not a gander I yearned to see; the after effect was the guilt that grew inside of me providing a numbing sensation. Past the faces, and the emotions I knew I could, as one of their children, not let them down.
As I got older, I became a young lady of my own and started making decisions for myself. At this time, I entered high school and the material being taught in my classes got tougher. I feared I wouldn’t be able to uphold my family’s standards. All the work given to me from my five core gifted classes and the stress started accumulating. Paper after paper, my life was spiraling right before my eyes. I lost control of the steering wheel and ran myself right into a ditch; a ditch, more like a bottomless pit of scum. I anticipated I was strong enough to hold on for the ride but apparently I wasn’t. I reluctantly handed over the wheel to my parents and let them guide me…

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