Essay about The Goals And Objectives Of An Organization

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According to Oxford Dictionaries, a goal is defined as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”. It is the result of something that effort was targeted towards to achieve. Goals help outline, explain, and delineate an organization. It provides an organization and its employee’s direction, a course of action to follow and assists them in avoiding confusion and chaos. It helps to clarify and spell out the process and what is needed to succeed and expected of its employee’s in reaching the goal. Goal(s) of an organization and its leaders are the general objectives, reason and mission that have been established and communicated to the employees. The organizational goals normally focus on long range intentions for operating and the organizational philosophy as a whole. Van Wart (2011) concludes the chapter on leader formulation and prioritization of goals by stating, “effective leaders must set goals and do so consciously” (p. 258).

Leaders and Goals
Goals enlighten employees where the leader and the organization are going and in what way they plan to get there. When employees must make challenging choices, they can refer to the goals for direction. They encourage preparation to decide how goals will be attained. Goals can be motivational and increase efficiency and performance since employees frequently set goals in order to fulfill a requirement of task. Assessment, review and control of goals allows an leader to compare the actual…

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