The Goal Of Csr Reporting Essay

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Companies have presented investigations about their motivation towards voluntarily social and environmental as insolvent. This paper argues in agreement with Adam’s view that the goal of CSR reporting is to promote credibility and corporate image of stakeholders operating in a particular industry. Whereas companies must focus their efforts on enhancing their profitability, they should also ensure that the welfare of other stakeholders is protected.
Previous literature offers a revelation on various competing theories based on why companies make voluntarily report and engagements in corporate social responsibility. The major perspectives considered are within the scope of application include accountability and image promotion. Many studies hold consequential evidence towards accountability to shareholders making it difficult for organizations to distinguish relevance from accountability based on continued practice. The absence of actual legitimacy crises makes it hard to identify voluntarily reporting as a proactive measure in preventing future crises and reporting based on accountability stakeholders demand (Bebbington, Larringa-Gonzalez & Moneva, 2008). Retrospective approaches typically deal with the reactive forms of legitimacy in which companies face related crises and do not consider the firms as on-going efforts in reporting on the CSR performance and lack of ascertained crises.
The concept explores underlying motivations for CSR reporting with cautious reference to…

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