The Goal At Ohio Christian University Essay

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There have been several factors that has contributed to my desire To Be a Minister. I am currently pursuing that goal at Ohio Christian University (hereafter, OCU). I find that while the curriculum is exceptional, it is at the same time cost prohibitive. Colorado Christian University (hereafter, CCU) offers a quite similar to program; yet, CCU is more affordable. This is the current situation which influences my decision to become a Minister. The pivotal moment which lead me to the Calling happened in 2010. I was an active alcoholic and drug abuser for 25 years of my life. During this time, I committed (or was a part of) crimes that could make me that almighty Dollars. Everything I learned, experienced or benefited from, I used in my illegal practices. God, the Father, blessed me with superior Intellectual skills and also blessed me with the intelligence to use those skills. At the age of six, my mother conceived of what she thought would be suitable "punishment" for my seemingly consistent bad behavior. Her “punishment" consisted of making me stay in my room all day with no entertainment. The only thing I could do was read the World Book Encyclopedia. Since I read above the scale for my age group, this turned out to be a delightful and wonderful flight of fancy for me. My comprehension rate was about 85 to 90%. What I did not understand, I looked up in the dictionary. Eventually, I was reading at a much higher rate of comprehension; and, taught myself the art of, “cross…

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