Essay on The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle The Glass Castle, written by author Jeannette Walls refllects a beautiful memoir of her childhood. The focus of the story includes Jeannette 's struggles as a child and having to grow up in a dysfunctional family. The protagonist of the novel being Jeannette Walls herself , describes the brutal yet honest truth behind growing up within the circumstances of an unstable home of her alcholic father and her mothers rather rustic lifestyle. With the use of theme, symbolism and irony, Jeannette Walls has illustrated and captured the essence of a true story through The Glass Castle. The theme of forgivness is continous through ought The Glass Castle. One example that refects this theme of forgivness is when Rex, the father of Jeanette Walls promises the family that he would not drink anymore, yet he commenced his bad habits again, putting his family at jeopardy. This example of forgivness can be shown within this quote.
" Rose Mary, You 're one hell of a woman," Dad said. Mom told him he was a stinking rotten drunk. "Yeah but you love this old drunk, don 't you?" Dad said. Mom at first said no, she didn 't, but dad kept asking her again and again, and when she finally said yes, the fight disappeared from both of them. Vanished as if it had never existed. Dad started laughing and hugging Mom, who was lauging and hugging him. I didn 't feel like celebrating. After all he 'd put himself through, I couldn ' 't believe Dad had gone back to the booze." (pg 122) This…

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