The Generational Gap Of Generation Y Essay

1303 Words Aug 29th, 2015 null Page
Unfortunately in today’s society, we suffer from an epidemic known as the generational gap. Essentially, this signifies the recurring misunderstanding, hostility, and general distrust that older generations in America have, such as the baby boomers, for the young, up-and-coming generation Y. This tense conflict has resulted in many stereotypes formed about our generation, including laziness and entitlement. In her Business Insider article, writer Vivian Giang contends that our overreliance on technology has resulted in two epidemics that plague millenials: a lack of interpersonal “soft” skills, and a desire to climb the corporate ladder as soon as possible even if we lack the necessary experience for jobs in higher rungs. However, I assert that our generation has superior interpersonal skills due to our increased awareness and sensitivity towards our colleagues, and that our increased desire for more lucrative jobs does not indicate our impatience, but rather our ambition and determination to be successful in America. Generation Y has been the most socially accepting and aware generation in American history. For example, in terms of LGBT rights, women’s equality, awareness of those with special needs, and racial equality, our generation is one of trendsetters who have listened more, accepted more, and worked better with all people. A fine example of this was at my internship in a data configuration company in downtown Los Angeles. At my job, I was responsible for…

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