Essay on The Generation X And Generation Y

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The advancements made in technology, especially those within the realm of digital communication have transformed the way the way business is conducted in this day and age. Not only has communication changed in this age of information, society as a whole has changed. Generation X and Generation Y are quite different from the previous generations such as the Baby Boomers. Workers have their ideas and values to emphasize individualistic principals such as a work/family/life balance and the need to reduce stress through time away from work. Additionally, the overlying social and political pressures ranging from environmental conservation, to the external forces pressuring organizations to be more competitive, especially in the international market have resulted in organizations looking to reduce operating costs and improve their capabilities to recruit and retain workers has ushered in an era of alternative work arrangements. This paper will define what these alternative working arrangements are and how employers and employees in both public and private sector are coming to terms with these practices. Employee and Employer Benefits from Alternative Work Arrangements
A 2004 report cited by McQuire, Kenney, and Brashler (2010) noted that nearly 80% of workers would utilize alternative work options if there were no repercussions for doing so. There are many types of alternative work arrangements including: flexible time in which employees vary the time of their work hours to…

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